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It is not hard to sidi heap praise on virtually any pair of Sidi motorcycle boots, no matter the model or style.
After wading around in fairly deep mud and water, Ive found that theyre completely waterproof until the crossfire water level reaches the top of the inner liners tongue the level of your index finger in the picture showing the outer shell tipped back and even then.
The Sidi Crossfire TA boots deliver the goods.
Although used for playing out in the Florida sand and now back in winter-land, the boots havent seen any prolonged heavy hazard riding yet, but that will come.The boots fit really well, something expected from Sidi, at least for my foot and the unique Dual Flex system is impressive in its design, ease of use and functionality.Check Reviews Prices On RevZilla.Conclusion To say that Im a believer would be an understatement my assimilation to the Sidi side was voluntary a long time ago.With the feet planted firmly inside, it is a simple matter, seated or standing, to pull the inner flap across and secure it to the outside edge of the inner boot, letting the hook n loop material do its magic.The whole boot becomes a snug, secure and protective environment once the adjustable buckles are brought in to play.Believe me, this is especially important for riders with larger calves and in general for all riders depending sidi on any under or over layers being worn.If some fine tuning is needed, it is an easy matter to release the assembly, take the pressure off the serrated strap and push it in or out as needed to decrease or increase its length.Also: Leather Motorcycle Boots, Touring Motorcycle Boots, Womens Motorcycle Boots, sidi Dual Flex System, sidis unique Dual Flex System provides two circlip crossfire points on each side of the boot; one rear-set at the midpoint of the boot and the second centered just above the ankle.As well, they must fit properly promo and support the rider in comfort, both on and off the machine.

Without going into the Ride on Sunday, Work on Monday explanation (also known as Limb-Saving 101 off-road boots in general need to be strong in virtually all areas but still flexible at key spots for the foot and lower leg.
Before jumping into this new pair of boots and marking up the bright white exterior, a bit of time was spent in going through the features of the boot and once received, the in-depth physical review got started in earnest.
Standard for this type of boot and fastener, each buckle has a longish serrated plastic pull strap, easily adjusted from the inner side of the applicable plate.
De rigueur for most off-road boots, a polished metal toe plate is riveted and screwed to the front edge of the sole, adding additional frontal crossfire crossfire protection and, the ability to create sparks so impressive at speed!The pant-leg is just as secure as being fully inside the boot, if not more.Any premium is gladly accepted.The thick sole is made of anti-skid rubber with a unique pattern designed for grip, mobility and wear and fastened to the boot with heavy stitching and a sealing bond.Its hard to imagine there not being a high return on investment with boots of this caliber or practically any other Sidi boot reviewed sidi by webBikeWorld so far.The shaped insole in the Crossfire is reinforced for strength and features a removable arch support.Sidi does not stand still.

A precise fit here also provides an excellent sidi seal to keep the elements out.
The full-height Crossfire boots do a very good job of meeting all requirements without much sacrifice.